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Lessons from a Senior Developer - Jono Yeong

Senior Software Engineer and New YouTuber Jonathan Yeong joins the show to talk about 5 lessons he's learned so far!

Understanding your ADHD Superpowers w/ ADHD Coach Brittany Smith

I got diagnosed with ADHD at 29. I wish I would have known Brittany Smith back then to help me understand things a bit better.

The Hidden Costs of Supporting Your Little Projects

I had a lot of great conversations this week with some awesome people! Here's highlighting three of them and what I got out of it.

Making it as a Full-Time YouTuber

Christopher Lawley is an ex-system admin turned full time YouTuber. In this episode we break down what it's like to be in the position that many people only dreamed of and what's its like on the other side of the fence.

OODA Looping All Over the Place

This was a hard episode to do. I'm trying to figure out if I'm in a command position in my life or if I'm just a soldier.

Conference Driven Development with Brian Douglas

In This Episode Brian Douglas from GitHub joins the me and we talk about advocacy and Conference Driven Development.

BrainDumps: Why I do them regularly (and you should too!)

I struggled with a topic so I did what I usually do. I did a brain dump to get all the ideas out of my head...

How to be a professional (What do you do again?)... with Alex Cox

We have fun on this one. It's been a great season and we'll cap it with this amazing chat with Alex Cox.

Always be Writing things Down (Somewhere)

Jay has been writing a lot of thoughts down lately but hasn't really been sharing all that much. Haley Denbraver tells us about her unique presentation technique and how it feels to be a speaker that is hard of hearing.

Simplicity and the Dance to Getting Hired w/ @Dev_Nikema

Nikema Prophet shares her story and journey in the tech space. Jay takes a lesson in simplicity.

Teaching the Next Generation with the Help of the Solo Coders /w guest @AdersonOliveira

My Thanksgiving episode came a little late but I'm still THANKFUL for this wonderful back and forth with professor and podcaster Aderson Oliveira. Aderson is interviewing developers around the world hoping to share insights with his students.

Health Check-in

Got some news regarding my health. Decided to take a moment and give a health check-in

Professional Fun and Keeping Fun and Career Separate (Because you want to)

Jay's been seeing and hearing a lot of terrible advice and has decided to let you know how he landed his current job. Aanu gives us the scoop on RomCom literature, her show "Sorry I only read RomComs' and why she keeps podcasting away from her professional career.

The Power of Personal Freedom: David Sparks on Speaking Around Multiple Interests

I did something wild and freeing! I discuss the power and success I've discovered in freedom to make decisions in my new role. David Sparks (aka MacSparky) chats with me about his many shows and how he chooses his topics for Field Guides and podcasts.

Steal this idea & Part 2 with Jasmine Greenaway

As I start to do a post mortem on what I've been doing to think about what I'll do next, I want to encourage you to take my half baked ideas and run with them.

Break up with your Productivity Obsession and Learning and Teaching with Jasmine Greenaway

Jay seems to have broken up with productivity as an obsession and now he's missing the thrill of the hunt.

Surfacing the Type of Content You Want to See - Part 2 with Trey Hunner

I was hoping to find some things and I struggled. Here's how I'm hoping to fix it.

Playing with New Technologies and with Trey Hunner

Trey spends his days training Pythonistas around the world. This means that while he can't also use the "new hotness" for everything, it's important to know how things work. Jay compares that to the new role and how it is getting him to connect and learn new things.

What Does Content Look Like in 2020 and Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously!

This week, Jay talks about where content creators are going and what that means for the state of tech content in 2020. Also Part 2 of Zac Braddy's Interview.

Your First Remote First Day and And Stop Arguing About Preferences!

It's Jay's first day at his new job! This is the first time he's had a remote first day. He got some tips from the community to share with y'all. Also Zac Braddy talks about his career journey and why he doesn't argue about code semantics anymore.

Wayne Jones - Let's Learn Together - The PIT Show Preseason

This is the PIT Show, a new format combining reflections and interviews with people working in technology. We're in the preseason so expect some changes, but we kick this off with an explainer, an interview with Wayne Jones and a tribute to Chadwick Boseman.

Creating the Art No One Asked For (So you don't have to) with Scott Johnson

Ever wondered how a conversation between a man and a sentient can of expired cream corn would go? Yeah me neither, but now every week, I look forward to Scott's Next Comic to hit the web. Scott is someone that I've listened to multiple times a week!

PIT Reflections: The Spiral to Free Content

Your Boy got a JOB! Next month begins my career as a developer advocate, but we don't talk about that too much. I had a conversation with a friend where we talked about the race to the bottom with content creation becoming more and more free. I talk about the ups and downs of this.

How Developer Advocacy is Changing with Joe Karlsson

The world of Developer Advocacy has been changing and Joe Karlsson is at the front of that movement. Moving discussions from the hallway track to Twitter, Twitch, and Tik Tok, hear how this Developer 🥑 is connecting with developers.

PIT Reflections: A Million Childrens Recitals and Helping Making Transcriptions Accessible

I've been doing a lot in public, from talks and livestreams to appearances on other podcasts and taking interviews.

Better than Fixing Computers with Cecil Phillip

Young Cecil leaving Antigua for the US thought working in tech meant only fixing people's computers. Today, he's a Senior Cloud Adovcate at one of the most important companies of the century. For him, once he saw there wasn't a limit, He decided to not put one on himself.

The Importance of Design in Your Projects - PIT Reflection

Have you ever been coding in circles wondering how you got there? That was me last week. In this reflection episode, we break down how I could have avoided it.

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