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Seeing the Need and Taking Action with Christina Morrillo

This episode has been years in the making. I finally get to sit down with Christina Morrillo to talk about #wocintechchat, her work with WISP, and more!

Being the Coolest Nerd in the Room

A few months back I reached out to podcaster and new friend in the industry Reggie Davis. We had such a blast on a private call, we decided to get one on tape.

All the Noise is Making Me Tired

I just finished recording another show and there was a part where I got into my feelings.

Been Building Things and Having a Great Time!

A look back at the month of February for Me and PIT.

New Season Who Dis? Productivity Woes and New Projects

Welcome back to the new season. We're getting personal.

Jeff Triplett Tells Us a Story of Django and Community!

Jeff Triplett is a veteran in the Django space. In fact he has done so much for the Python and Django communities and helps to organize Django Con). We recorded this before I went on Vacation but there is still a lot to pull from this episode!

The Lies in Finding Your Target Product/Market Fit - PIT Reflections

A 2-fer. This week I had a lot on my mind and really needed to get it out. So you get two Reflections dropping. Will there be more this week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weird Purchase Justifications - PIT Reflections

In this episode I share my philosophy on making purchases for PIT. 🤑

Launching your "Learning Tool" App with Dark Noise Creator Charlie Chapman

Charlie Chapman just released his first app Dark Noise.

Charging What You Believe Is Right - PIT Reflections 27 Aug 2019

This episode I reveal my prices and why I charge them. I also encourage you to not undersell your value or the amount of effort that you put into what you're doing!

I Need to Know How I Can Help - Pit Reflections 26 Aug 2019

A shorter episode with just me. I need your help to determine what's next for PIT.

Paying for Positivity w/ Andrew Brown.

Andrew Brown was charged to continue the legacy of the longest running Hearthstone podcast. I sit down with Andrew and break down his infectious positivity and passion which is a refreshing outlook in a predominantly negative space.

Creating a "Vetted" Community for Developers w/ Ledge from Gun.io

David "Ledge" Ledgerwood is the full time podcast host for gun.io's "Frontier Podcast". In this conversation we talk about developer communities of all skill levels and learn some podcasting insight from someone who gets paid to podcast regularly.

Finding a "Pool" of Folks to Inspire you to Ship! with Paul Seal

Paul loves pool. But the European pool industry didn't have the best way of tracking your favorite players or watching the latest matches. That's why Paul with the support, from folks that loved pool just as much as him, decided to do something about it.

Thinking about the move from Side Quest to Main Quest with Al Rodriguez

Al has been working on his side hustle on and off for the last 6 years. I sit down with Al and try to dissect some of the things keeping him at his 9-5 and what we can do to transform our side quest into a main quest.

John Svazic Helps Keep Orcs Out of the Server Room

John is an information security expert. He leads Purple Teams (A combination of Red and Blue Teams) to make sure that companies are prepared for security attacks. John was recently showcased for adding a little variance to the Tabletop (security) world by introducing some tabletop (RPG) elements. No one had to role for initiative, but he was able to create a more realistic security experience..

[REPOST] - Kyle's IOS Dev Strategy

Well I made a mess of things with the last upload. There were issues all over the place. That's what new software will do to you! This is a re-release of the last episode. (Just so you get the notice) The original audio will be updated as well. No Show next week because of the 4th of July.

Kyle Cronin's iOS Dev Strategy

NOTE: The audio was replaced with a better copy as 28 Jun 2019 around 9:30PM (PST). Kyle is hoping to build his skillset in a way that terrifies some people. SHIPPING!

Heidi Helen is a Designer/Developer/Business Owner

When the project isn't hers she treats it like it is. Now that Heidi Helen Pilypas has a new app out we will see if how it feels when all the responsibility falls on her!

How Will Gant Gets Things Done (But Not That Way)

This is a continuation of last weeks conversation.

Will Gant's Power of Pace with your Project to Do More than Most (Part 1)

Will is one busy guy! This week we talk with the author, podcaster, and software engineer. About what has

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