The Extra Effort That Sets You Apart - Ridiculous Hat

My guest this week is Ridiculous Hat.

Hat is a podcaster for the coin concede podcast. Their goal is to take the competitive side of the Hearthstone collectible card game more approachable for the everyday player.

I’ve been listening to Hat’s podcast for a few months and through getting to know him and the community he runs with friends and fellow players, there were two things that really impressed me:

  1. The podcast is produced extremely well in spite of the fact that none of the core hosts that run the podcast do that or play hearthstone full time.
  2. The crew does not seem to be entirely devoted to Hearthstone and this allows them to approach the show with a non-biased critique that is valuable for any player of any game.
In this conversation I learn a bit more about Hat’s background with audio as well as his relationship with his hobby and why he doesn’t plan to make it a full time thing.

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