Driven To Help Others With Career Design Patterns - Chad Bostick

My guest this week is Chad Bostick

I met chad a few years ago when I was a guest on his show, Hello Tech Pros. His daily show ran for several months, but then seemed to come to an end.

In fact Chad seemed to have just fallen off the map. That is why I was excited to not only hear that he was returning to the tech podcasting world, but with a brand new venture, Career Design Patterns.

In this conversation, Chad and I talk about both of our hiatus' from the tech world as well as break down what his new journey is all about.

What is Career Design Patterns

Just like with PIT, Career Design Patterns focuses on building well rounded developers. This doesn’t mean knowing multiple languages. It more revolves around developers being able to strengthen their “dynamic skills” (also referred to as soft skills) using repeatable models that can be practiced and improved on.

He also hopes to connect people with professionals in the areas of productivity, effective team communication, and other areas that allow him to be the tour guide to your career progression and growth.

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