Paying for Positivity w/ Andrew Brown.

Andrew Brown was charged to continue the legacy of the longest running Hearthstone podcast. I sit down with Andrew and break down his infectious positivity and passion which is a refreshing outlook in a predominantly negative space.

Andrew is a digital marketing strategist and host of The Happy Hearthstone Podcast, the verified longest running Hearthstone Podcast!

Andrew has used his marketing skills and general optimistic nature to successfully take over this project from it's original founder and  transform it into a community of gamers that work to spread knowledge and positivity in the space.

People know that I am an avid Hearthstone player, but most don't know that I am an Executive Producer level backer of the show which comes with free Hearthstone coaching. I gave up this month's coaching session to schedule this interview with Andrew because I truly believe there is a MASSIVE benefit in working to not only be a source of knowledge but also a source of encouragement and positivity.

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